Monday, November 30, 2009

IBM acquires Guardium

The Big Blue (IBM) has acquired Guardium, a leading company in making access to databases secure. Guardium's products are designed to work with leading database platforms from IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and others. This privately held company based in Waltham, Massachusetts has a seven years of operating history of working with the top brands of the world including global banks, insurers, PC manufacturers, soft drink brands, global retailers etc. Its technology helps clients safeguard data, monitor database activity and reduce operational costs by automating regulatory compliance tasks.
The financial terms are not disclosed, but it is expected to be $200million+ deal. A large number of customers using various database products opt for Guardium security, which means IBM will be in business whether its DB2 or websphere products are involved or not.

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Techfest 2009-10

Techfest is the Annual International Science and Technology Festival of the premiere institute, IIT Bombay. Since its inception in 1998, Techfest has been providing the platform for the students across the country to showcase their talent. It witnessed a participation of over 15,000 people last time in 2009. Techfest has a history of hosting a spectrum of competitions to attract budding scientists, engineers, designers and brightest minds of the country.

Coming year Techfest is scheduled to happen from 22nd to 24th January, 2010. Competitions encompassing almost all the fields of technology have been launched with the vision of better tomorrow. These have been put in 6 major categories:
  • iBots: Hard-core robotics events
  • Torque: High speed racing competitions
  • Dimensions: Events testing the ability to apply basic science
  • ArchiTECH: Architecture and design based competitions
  • Innovate: Open Software and Golden Challenges
  • CodeX: Coding competitions
Techfest is also holding a unique Inter-Collegiate Combat Robotics Competition known as "Robowars: The Vengeance", to encourage college students to participate in advanced robotics competitions. Apart from this there are a number of online competitions like online treasure hunt- Segreta.
Events at Techfest have been sponsored by DNA, Adobe, GE, Infosys, Bayer and other big names from the industry.
To know more about Techfest you can visit the site